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ThinkorSwim vs. Active Trader Pro: Which Is Better in 2023?

Before we start the comparison, one thing I really like about ThinkorSwim and Active Trader Pro is that they’re brokerage-owned.

This means these two platforms are integrated with their corresponding brokerage. ThinkorSwim is owned by TD Ameritrade (soon to be Schwab), while Active Trader Pro is owned by Fidelity.

Both tools eliminate the need to switch between different screens for charting and trading. You can do both from a single window.

Okay, now let’s decide which is better, ThinkorSwim or Active Trader Pro.

Winner: ThinkorSwim

Loser: Active Trader Pro

  • Outdated interface. Hard to navigate.
  • Limited built-in indicators and no custom indicators allowed.
  • No backtesting features.
  • No paper trading account or functionality.
  • Frequent bug reports and app crashes.
  • Only available on desktop. No mobile app.

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2 thoughts on “ThinkorSwim vs. Active Trader Pro: Which Is Better in 2023?

  1. Thank you for your time, I am a certified trader after 4 courses with Investopedia
    Academy, getting ready to back-test ideas and strategies, I am a keep it simple stupid trader I don’t trade anything other than Long-swing trades and Long-day trades that are showing bull I do not short trades,
    I am using strategies that only can use a trailing stop and stop loss as you know I enter trading 9:45 am and use Thinkorswim alerts and Algos to do the rest, I am sure you understand the importance of this strategy, so being new to Thinkscript can you guide us to some code or strategies that use our ideas? AI BARD has wrote some script for us but i was thinking you would know where to start..Backtesting of course.

    Griffin Investments

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